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At PYHII our workshops are about more than just learning new skills. We create a beautiful, warm atmosphere to make you feel at home in our cosy, plant filled studio. We encourage attendees to slow down, share stories and take the opportunity to connect with others in our community. We provide a delicious, seasonal grazing table of local and native foods to nibble on over the course of the evening as well as wine and tea. We aim to provide a beautiful experience so that anyone who attends our workshops can leave feeling empowered by their new found knowledge and skills.

We are proud to support local artists and delight in having them share their talents.

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The Rainforest Terrarium Making Workshop was one of the best workshops I’ve ever done! I actually attended by myself and most other people were there with friends/in groups, but everyone was welcoming and I felt right at home. The space is light-filled, bursting with greenery and set the scene for a great experience. Our host, Laura was on roller skates (cool!) and full of knowledge on making a beautiful terrarium that will last. I didn’t have any skills in planting or gardening, but that didn’t matter as the process was well-explained and not rushed. I really enjoyed getting my hands dirty and taking some time to be creative and make something beautiful for myself. This is only the second ‘green’ thing to enter my home, and so far it’s flourishing (yay!). Oh and the beautiful organic food spread looked like it belonged in a magazine photoshoot. I would highly recommend the Put Your Heart Into It workshops….they certainly do put their heart into it and as I left the workshop that day with my new little glass world filled with greenery, my heart felt light. Thanks Laura and team!
— Sarah, Rainforest Terrarium Making Workshop, July 2018

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